The Run Down

This week's guide get's us out of the house for a quick mental health recharge. We're headed to Lincoln Park where we start the day munching on crepes and sipping lattes before spending the next hour in a pet bunny cuddle therapy session. Here are the details.

1. Snacks @ The Crepe Shop

2. Pet Therapy @ Cuddle Bunny

1. The Crepe Shop

Our first stop takes us to The Crepe Shop. It’s the type of café you would want to lounge in all day if you could. Sunlight beams in from skylight overhead and there are plants all along the walls that provide a feeling of calm throughout the space.

As you can gather from the name, this café specializes in the glorious and versatile crepe. It can be a dessert, it can be an entrée, it can be a snack, but the best thing about it right now, with indoor dining closed, is that it’s easily consumed with one-hand while walking.

Opened in 2017 by brothers, Marius and Peter, they actually started out in a smaller space next door to their current location. Their old space was narrow and maybe had room for 8 people to sit a in one long communal table. But what got them to where they’re at today is that killer menu of savory and sweet crepes.

We went savory and opted for their salmon and herb cream cheese crepe. A dash of lemon and the microgreens put this one over the top. *chef’s kiss*

Each crepe is made to order. Here’s co-owner, Marius putting in work. 

We eventually got our crepe wrapped up to eat while on-the-go, but if you want to take your time, there’s some picnic table seating out front if the weather is cooperating.

2. Cuddle Bunny

After snacking on crepes, head just a few blocks away to our main event of this guide. We’re spending the next hour at Cuddle Bunny. It’s a place to relax your mind while sitting in a pen with bunnies that seem to only want to do two things: eat snacks from your hand and cuddle up. Feel free to use that line in your dating profiles, by the way.

Here are some logistics notes to get started.

– Sessions with bunnies are $12/hr (M-Th) and $16/hr (Fri-Sun). You can also do 30 minutes for half the price.

– Open from 10am – 8pm, but if you want to book a bunny session after 6pm, you have to reach out to them directly to schedule.

– For all other times, you can book a reservation directly online here.

– All social distancing guidelines enforced.

Here are the ground rules. While you can’t pick up bunnies off the ground, you can have them sit in your lap.

There are six different pens situated in the bunny playground area. Each pen has up to two bunnies and you rotate through each one clockwise to keep groups separated. Have you ever chilled with a 15lb giant Flemish Giant? Now you can. This big gal has a pen all to herself.

There’s a bundle of cilantro that you can pick and feed to each of the bunnies.   Some bunnies are shy at first, but warm up pretty quickly, especially if you enter the pen with some leafy treats. After spending an hour here, you’ll be amazed the the number of rabbit breeds and how different they all are in terms of look and personality. You may even be convinced to looking into bunny ownership yourself. Here’s a youtube video with more info about that to get you started down this “rabbit hole.”