The Run Down

We're headed to West Town and to a part of the neighborhood that lots of us have probably passed by without giving it a second thought. But if you look around more closely, there's this small stretch of Grand Ave. that's home to a small enclave of salvage warehouses. What one person might call junk, another person might call the perfect decorative centerpiece, and we're here to find our own personal treasures. All these places are currently open, have Covid-19 policies in place, and plenty of space to spread out. Here are the details.

1. Upscale Salvage @ State Street Salvage

2. Quirky Salvage @ Urban Remains

3. Enormous Salvage @ Salvage One

1. State Street Salvage

We’ve got three different salvage shops to visit and they all have a different vibe. The first stop is State Street Salvage. For those of you who are into furniture made from reclaimed barns and factories, this is your place. According to my recent HGTV binge, one would probably call this style of design, modern country rustic with a splash of industrial chic.

There are two large rooms with a random assortment of home furnishings. Looking for a barn door turned into a dinner table? Come on down.

2. Urban Remains

After State Street Salvage, walk a few more feet down the street and you’ll run into Urban Remains. When we first walked by, we thought it was an office building instead of a salvage warehouse. But trust us, you’re in the right place, so just walk on in.

After you enter, you’ll be directed through an office decorated with baby doll heads and old street signs. Usually, that’s a sign for me to turn right around, but you’ll want to keep going. There’s a door in the back of the office that takes you to their warehouse.

There are rows and rows of…stuff, for the lack of a better word.  In the front half of the warehouse, you’ll find 75 year old milk bottles, antique phones, chandeliers, and other random knick knacks.

Need medical notes and drawings? 

3. Salvage One

Our last stop is just a few blocks away, and this is the biggest warehouse yet. In fact it’s over 60,000 sqft and across three floors. Lots of stuff to see, but here are some logistics notes before we begin.

– Unlike the other places we visited, Salvage One is only open Friday – Sun.
– It’s a store and event venue all in one. Occasionally there are public events and pop up markets. Those events make for a good way to explore the space.

The entrance to Salvage One is behind a small glass door in a low traffic area one block south of Grand Ave.  From the outside, this place doesn’t present itself as anything out of the ordinary. In fact, you’d probably easily walk past it without a second glance if you didn’t know what’s inside. You’d be missing out, however, because as soon as you open the door to enter, you’ll find yourself staring down a hall that opens up to an enormous showroom that extends three stories.

For that special home project you’re working on, this place is a godsend of interesting stuff. It felt like a junkyard, museum, and high-end home furnishing retailer all rolled into one. You can easily spend a few hours rummaging through all the stuff in here. Keep going up and explore the other two showrooms.     Can I get a shout out for Naperville?