The Run Down

While stay at home orders are in full force, one thing we're still allowed to do is visit the surrounding forest preserves while practicing physical distancing. For some time outside of the home, head to this nearby Northside trail and explore Labagh Woods and the railroad track turned trail that runs through it.

1. Enter @Weber Spur Trail

2. Into the forest @Labagh Woods

1. Weber Spur Trail

For over 20 years, there was a section of dormant railroad tracks that cut right through the Labagh Woods Forest Preserve. People used it as an unofficial walking trail, but the tracks were eventually removed and the land was converted to a fully functioning trail (at least the portion of it that goes through Labagh Woods). There’s actually plans to extend this much longer and build it out into something similar to the 606 Trail.

We start our nature walk at the trail head located on Bryn Mawr Ave and a few blocks west of Pulaski. The trail is a long gravel road with tall tree lines covering each side.

About a quarter of a mile down the trail, you’ll find yourself on top of a bridge crossing over the Chicago River. The bridge itself is tagged up with a lot of graffiti, which I think looks very cool against the calming natural background.

From the bridge, you’ll notice a few different openings for trails that branch off deeper into the forest. That’s our next move.

2. Labagh Woods

As you make your way down from the bridge, you’ll be led to a path that takes you deeper into the woods. You’ll probably come across the occasional runner or family every now and then, but for the most part the trail will be all yours which makes social distancing that much easier. Make the walk a slow one, and take some time to examine the different plant and wildlife around you.

If you have kids, one really fun activity to do on these nature walks is to bring a nature field guide with you, and make a game out of identifying different birds, plants, and other wildlife you come across.