The Run Down

When the week has been long, and the family is in need of quality time to recharge, the answer to your woes are cute animals and crepes. This guide has you taking the kids to Lakeview, where you'll spend time in a bunny cuddle session and then finish off the day munching on sweet and savory crepes.

1. Snacks @ The Crepe Shop

2. Pet Therapy @ Cuddle Bunny

1. Cuddle Bunny

Does your kid have a special stuffed animal they particularly love? Well, you’re going to introduce them to the real thing for this guide. We’re kicking things off at this small bunny sanctuary where everyone will have a chance to get close and personal with some bunny friends.

Here are some logistics notes to get started

– Sessions with bunnies are $13/hr (M-Th) and $18/hr (Fri-Sun).

– Open from 10am – 8pm; the last sessions start at 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on Sat-Sun

– You can book a reservation directly online here

– Minimum age is 5 years old. If you have a younger child, you can call them directly to arrange special accommodations. Sometimes they’ll have special events like kids story time with rabbits and other programming specifically for younger kids.

One you arrive for your scheduled session, you’ll go through a short orientation and had to the bunny playground area composed of six separate playpens.

Each playpen has up to two bunnies and your group will rotate through each one.

Have you ever hung out with a 15lb Flemish Giant? Now you can. This big gal has a pen all to herself. One other thing to note is that while you can’t pick up the rabbits, you can have them hop onto your lap.

You’ll have access to a bundle of cilantro and leafy greens that you can feed to each of the bunnies.

Some bunnies are shy at first, but warm up pretty quickly, especially if you enter the pen with some leafy treats. After spending an hour here, you’ll be amazed the the number of rabbit breeds and how different they all are in terms of look and personality.  

2. The Crepe Shop

Because your kids behaved so well at Cuddle Bunny, they’ve got a nice treat waiting for them at the Crepe Shop just a block away.

As you can gather from the name, this order-at-the-counter café specializes in the glorious and versatile crepe. It can be a dessert, an entrée, or a snack, but the important thing is that there are so many varieties that even the pickiest kid will be happy.

We went savory and opted for their salmon and herb cream cheese crepe. A dash of lemon and the microgreens put this one over the top.

Each crepe is made to order. Here’s co-owner Marius putting in work.

Seating in their dining area is first come, first serve. On weekends, this place can get busy but tables turn fairly quickly.

Pull up a chair, have some crepes, and get ready to listen to your kid make the case on why they should get a pet bunny rabbit.