The Run Down

If you're on Fulton Market Street in the West Loop neighborhood and you start walking west, the crowds get smaller and smaller, the trendy bars and restaurants start to disappear from sight, and soon you'll be surrounded by warehouses and small office spaces. That's when you'll know you're in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor, which is where we are hanging out for this guide. This corridor has attracted a lot of large and small businesses over the years, and among them are breweries and distilleries that call this area home. We're going to three stops on this day drinking bonanza where we'll be sipping on beers, brandy, and ordering-in some gorditas for good measure. Before we get into, we've got a logistics note. Be mindful of the operating hours for each of the places as some may not overlap on certain days making it harder to hit all three places if you don't time it right. Here are the highlights.

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