The Run Down

Although Chicago is currently under lockdown, our neighborhood small businesses are finding new and creative ways to serve customers. For this week’s guide, we’re taking a stroll through Noble Square to sample food at different walk-up windows, grab a cocktail to-go, and picnic in a field with the Chicago skyline at our backs.

1. Home Team Pizza / Nini’s Deli

We’re in Noble Square and our first stop is in the middle of a quiet, tree-lined section of the neighborhood that mainly consists of three-flats, historic homes, and your occasional modern uber home that takes up two lots.  Tucked away in the midst of all that are a pair of restaurants that are perfectly suited for to serve up good food while helping us practice social distancing.

The first stop is Home Team Pizza. This place was made to handle the city’s lockdown order, because it’s always operated as an order-from-the-window, sidewalk pizzeria. Now let’s get down to the food.

For around $4, you can get a massive slice of thin crust, NY style pizza that you fold to eat. We’re sure that’s  blasphemous to some, but it sure is a damn tasty. For a Chicago style twist, order their specialty sausage and giardiniera pizza.

Right next to Home Team Pizza is Nini’s Deli. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, this family-run restaurant that has been a go-to for casual Latin American food for over 30 years. Think empanadas, cuban sandwiches, and cafe con leche. To keep business going, they installed a walk-up window right in front. The only drawback is that they are closed Sunday and only open until 3pm on Saturday, which can put a hamper in your picnic plans if you don’t plan it out.

2. Irish Nobleman Pub

We’re walking about a block away to the Irish Nobleman Pub. It’s your classic Irish neighborhood bar, that’s now serving food and drinks curbside.

They’ve got a pretty good setup since they have large windows that open out to the sidewalk. They pushed up a big wooden table in front of that and now you got an outdoor bar.

For our picnic, pick up a few drinks here. They got the full bar stocked and ready to go. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t be flaunting open cans of beer in public. Nobleman will supply you with plastic cups, so take advantage of that.

3. Eckert Park

A few block away at the center of Noble Square is a wonderful park with lots of green space to spread out. This is where we’re going to post up and enjoy the provisions we just picked up.

On a clear day, you can find a spot near the baseball fields and take in a view of the Hancock tower peaking over the tree line. From another angle, you can see the Sears tower make its presence known over the park. 

That’s it for this guide, but we’re leaving you with one final picture of the beer and pizza we enjoyed at the park.