What’s Nande All About?

We experiment with content and technology to help people creatively explore Chicago, cross neighborhood lines, and visit places they might not otherwise think to visit. Over time it’s evolved into a $5/month membership club that gives members access to all the things we’ve created.

What Do You Get As A Member?

1. Weekly City Guides

Each week we publish and send Nande members a Chicago city guide that lays out a carefully planned itinerary that gets you exploring all corners of the city. You won’t find listicles or generic click-bait. We go out each week with our cameras and curate an experience that we think you’ll love.

2. The Chicago Field Guide

Every so often we print a physical publication, which we call the Chicago Field Guide. It’s a 32-page, pocket sized book with some of our favorite itineraries. It also includes deals and special experiences that more than cover the cost of an annual membership. We published our latest edition in collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee. You can read more about it here.

3. Text Message Concierge

Sometimes you need personalized advice. We give our members a special phone number that they can text with questions about getting around Chicago. Want us to plan a date? Family or friends visiting and need help making plans? All these questions can be answered by our text message concierge.

Why Are Your City Guides Behind A Paywall?

We think digital publications and other travel apps depend far too much on having a huge number of people look at ads. As a result, they often resort to publishing click-bait, producing low-effort content, and shoving pop-up ads in your face.

At the end of the day, we don’t think you need to read another article about the top 50 hamburgers in Chicago, and we certainly don’t want to devolve into doing anything like that to keep the lights on. Instead, we want to ensure that our core focus is on producing high quality original content, and providing an excellent service that makes it easy to make the most of your free time.



How Does The Text Message Concierge Work?

After you become a member, we provide you with a number that you can text, which will put you in direct contact with us. Anything we can do to get you out and about in Chicago, we’ll help you do.

The concierge is active from 9am to 9pm everyday. While we can’t promise immediate turnaround on all requests, we’ll do our best to respond and provide you a solution as quickly as we can. For now, the only thing we ask is that you give us at least 24 hours to respond back to you. In most cases we’ll get back to you a lot sooner.



What Are Members Saying About Nande?

y’all are going to see a rash of new subscribers i’ve talked you up to everyone i know this week 😂 – Madeline M.

Omg this is amazing! Obsessed with this service haha. – Alex K.

This is the best money I’ve ever spent – Matthew S.

What Does The Latest Field Guide Look Like?

Here it is in all its glory. You can also read more about it here.

What Are Your Membership Options?

per month
Try Free for 5 Days
Access to all existing guides.
A new guide published and e-mailed to you each week.
Access to the text message concierge.
A copy of our latest Field Guide and any new ones we publish.
Cancel anytime.
per month
Billed $48 annually
Try Free for 5 Days
Same as a Monthly plan but receive a 20% discount annually.
Cancel anytime.

Can I Gift A Membership?

If you’re thinking about gifting a membership, then it’s probably because you’re an incredibly thoughtful and all around good person. We made it easy to gift a membership. Follow this link to find our special gift plans.